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We hand-pick the best from small Italian textile manufacturers. These family-run businesses produce fabrics of exceptional quality and feel, which are mostly supplied to high fashion houses. So yeah, we speak luxury garments here. And we speak it sustainably too. Big fashion brands usually leave tens of metres of unused fabric, so we go digging and hunt for the best leftover rolls, and use someone's waste to create someone else’s pleasure.

Naturally, this means our garments are hard to reproduce and we can only make a limited number, which gives them another extra zing. You won’t meet that many people dressed in the same materials, and if you do, they probably had an extra zero on the price tag.

The fabrics we use in our production have a ReLiveTex certificate, that states the fabrics have been removed from the devaluation processes–––landfill or incinerator–––and promoted to new uses as required by the objectives expressed by the Circular Economy Package of the European Union (directive 2018/851).

Our jersey is made in Portugal in a factory with a variety of sustainable solutions, guaranteeing a final product that will cover all international standards and certifications for the sector. The certified products comply with the human health requirements required by the standard for childcare articles–––Class I, and in European legislation. The factory has these certificates: Global Recycled Standard, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Better Cotton Initiative, Oeko-Tex Standard 100